Fruited Plain SOLD
Amber Waves 30″x40″ Oil on Canvas
Sparks Lake Creek 20″x30″ Oil on Canvas SOLD
Road to Aurora 20″x32″ Oil on Canvas
Red Hills 40″x30″ Oil on Canvas
Field of Gold SOLD
Manzanita Twilight SOLD
Late Afternoon at Warm Springs 24″x38″ SOLD
Along the Klamath River SOLD
Road From Pendleton 22″x38″ Oil on Canvas
John Day Fossil Beds SOLD
Sunset Highway SOLD
Clos Electrique at Dundee 40″x30″ Oil on Canvas SOLD
Pendelton Wheat Field SOLD
Road to Blue Mountains SOLD
Gorge Waterfall 22″x40″ Oil on Canvas
Columbia River Gorge East 22″x32″ Oil on Canvas
Columbia River Gorge West 22″x40″ Oil on Canvas
Salt Marsh at Assateague SOLD
Between Islands SOLD
Road to San Pablo SOLD
Road Around Dayton SOLD
Road to Walla Walla SOLD